Any guidebook has a map which includes the Han Jin Hostel.
The Hostel is near the bus terminal in Gyeongju
It is an easy 15 minute walk from the train station.
A taxi from the train station will cost 1,300\
You can take any bus from the train station to the bus terminal.
From the bus terminal, it is a 3 minute walk to Han Jin.
There are many information kiosks in Kyong-ju where you can get detailed directions.
If you get lost, please call Mr. Kwon at 771-4097 or 772-4097.
You can make reservations by e-mail, telephone, fax ((054) 772-9679), or letter.

In the Han Jin Hostel, you will find travellers from all over the world.
The garden serves as a meeting place where you will hear fascinating stories
from around the globe.

The Hostel has many unexpected amenities such as hot water for bathing,
self service refrigerator, hot drinking water anytime,
an available microwave, air conditioned rooms and cooking and laundry facilities.
STAR TV from Hong Kong and Japan is also in every room.

Please let me introduce myself.
I was born in Andong. At the university I studied law.
I worked as a government official for three years. I also worked as a pharmacist for twenty years and imported heavy industrial equipment from the United States. I had my own construction company, which built roads and bridges and helped construct the large iron works in Pohang. (The company employed from 50 to 500 people).
After that I came to Kyongju to open this small hostel. It's now been twenty years. At my hostel I prefer to have foreign guests. I think they are more polite and responsible than many Korean travelers.
I have several hobbies, including music, calligraphy, and writing history. I also collect coins, stamps, and small cups and bells and other small things from around the world. Every day for more than three hours I exercise, including jogging, yoga, taekwondo, and Shilla hwarang sports.
My wife used to be a teacher. We have two sons and three daughters.
My eldest son works with KBS in Seoul (MC=master of ceremonies). His wife is a top Korean singer named Kim Ji Ae.
My second son is a manger for Daewoo company in New York. His wife is a designer.
My eldest daughter is a painter in Michigan. Her husband is a famous novelist and instructor at the University of Michigan.
My second daughter studied architecture in Paris and is now living there. Her husband is also in Paris, studying for his PhD in architecture.
My third daughter studied for her PhD at the University of Hawaii. Currently she is working in Seoul as a manager for Samsung.
While my health lasts, I will continue with this hostel.
I've been to America once and in the future I plan a world trip. When I travel I would like to visit your home.



Mr. Kwon has appeared on Korean television numerous times talking about his hostel and the world travellers he meets on a daily basis. Articles about him and his hostel have been written in countless foreign magazines and newspapers all around the world (England, America, Japan). Of course, you will read about him in the lonely planet and moon publications, but he is also mentioned in many other foreign travel guides which are written in various languages. For example, he appears in no less than five Japanese guidebook publications.